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Sorata single track

This one-day option 2 days  singletrack downhill ride to the village of Sorata takes you from La Paz into a deep, fertile valley at the foot of majestic Mt. Illampu (6400m) through a secret trail with jaw-dropping views of the Andes mountains and the lush valleys of Los Yungas below.

Prepare to have your concept of Downhill Mountain Biking through stunning scenery challenged.


Our guides have been riding the trails around Sorata for more than 5 years

Our designated guide for the day will meet you in La Paz early morning along with our private vehicle and top-notch mountain bikes. You will be provided with full-face helmets, riding gloves, elbow and knee guards.

Our vehicle equipped with great music and a fully-responsible driver will take you past the town of El Alto en route to Lake Titicaca across the vast Altiplano (highlands) and along the Cordillera Real (Royal Mountain Range). The drive will take approximately 3 hrs before you arrive at an elevation of around 4.500m among snow-capped mountains.

Immediately after a safety briefing, plunge into the massive valley below through a secret singletrack trail with steep descents, berms, drops, jumps and great challenging obstacles We will literally have this ride for ourselves.

All in all, we will have descended around 3.000 meters! (10.000ft) before we arrive in the quaint village of Sorata for a well-deserved lunch.  Finally re come back to  La Paz to arrive in the evening. This will be one of the most memorable downhill mountain biking ride you will ever experience in your life.


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no fear adventure